Larz: Hi Shawna and Kory, it was great to meet you two in Tampa. I am glad we had time to talk, though it is never enough time. Are you going to WPPI? I have been thinking about it. Congrats on your 2008 season being booked, thats great! I look forward to meeting with you again. Watch for my website and blog launch in a few weeks! Take care, Larz 2.6.08, 11:09PM
Marisa: Kory.... so photogenic 1.22.08, 8:30AM
Shawna: The last one is my all-time favorite photo of you, Kory :) 1.21.08, 12:39PM
Kory: If you can make me look that good you really are an amazing photographer. That last one is hot, who wouldn't want to date that! 1.20.08, 9:49PM