Michelle: Im happy with any animal pictures.. of course Im s sucker for puppies. I was just so impressed with all the color on those turkeys! I guess Ive never seen turkeys so close up. 11.21.07, 1:39PM
Shawna: Puppies for Christmas are great gifts! If you can't get a real live puppy, a puppy photo provides the same cute factor (and no pee on your carpet!). 11.20.07, 12:40PM
Marisa: I love them. Especially the close up. Puppies are so precious. Maybe I still have time to talk David into one for Christmas??? 11.20.07, 12:31PM
Shawna: Aw, c'mon guys, no love for the alpacas? You all prefer turkey over wool? 11.20.07, 12:00PM