jm: You.are.phenomenal. 6.22.10, 11:56PM
Helen: Wow Shawna! Great photos! :) 6.20.10, 8:39PM
Patti: Fabulous photos!! LOVE the one with the all the little, pretty flowers. 6.19.10, 9:46AM
MOM: WOW, I love the Grand Canyon, you make it look so awesome. I feel like I was there too. Matt looks like he had a great time checking out the scenery. How did you get that picture so far away?? 6.18.10, 3:12PM
Annie: Crazy beautiful photos! Looks like a lovely vacation and I'm glad you were able to enjoy it! P.S. I really love the black and white pic of the telescope with the sun-glare-burst-thingies... :) 6.18.10, 11:04AM
Amanda: I want a shawna noel calendar, or post card, or greeting card, or something with the beautiful pictures!! 6.18.10, 9:32AM
The Nodakademic: These are beautiful! That's a part of the country I've never been to. But I'd like to go someday! 6.18.10, 9:10AM
Shawna: Kari, ha! I want to see those photos :) Yes, Melissa, it was good to relax a bit. Can't wait to see you soon! 6.18.10, 8:31AM
Kari: Looks awesome! These photos are so much better than the ones my parents took when we were there back in the day. ;) 6.18.10, 8:12AM
Melissa: Shawna, these are awesome and a great pic of you new smile! I am so jealous, wish I could take a vacation!!! It looked like you had a much deserved relaxing vacation! See you soon! 6.18.10, 6:41AM