Biff: Kory excellent emotions and perspectives! I want to see a ton more of your work! All the images rock, but the portrait of the groom in the church is stellar! 6.16.10, 1:44PM
Katie: The pics are amazing! I love the last two especially. Great job! 6.5.10, 8:32PM
Elisa: Kory - these are wonderful!!! Thank you both so much, we had such a great time! Can't wait to see the rest :) 6.5.10, 5:36PM
Shawna from the road: Great photos, blog hijacker. Lol jk lol. :) Now, back to vacation. 6.4.10, 12:40AM
Amanda Cardinal: Kory... these are amazing! LOVE them all, but the 1st one is phenominal! :) 6.3.10, 2:08PM
Kory: Aww, you gals are just trying to make me feel's working! Thanks! 6.3.10, 1:39PM
Allie Hoistad: LOVE the shot of them under the tree in the last series. Sooo gorgeous. 6.3.10, 12:38PM
April: Aww, I love the one of them laying down. And the one with her head on his shoulder! Makes me excited to see ours! :) Patience, grasshopper... 6.3.10, 12:21PM