Kari: Oh man! My pink one is from Target, but they SO didn't have orange ones at my Target! Boo. I bought a yellow one too. 4.2.10, 7:13PM
jm: Aww, Hallee's dimples are so cute! I love the bond they seem to have and the outfits are PERFECT!! Regarding Kari: I have those cardigans --- Target. They have all of the fun spring colors :) 3.31.10, 11:27AM
Kari: Adorable! I have a cardigan similar to the pink one, and now I'm wishing I had an orange one! Argh. You should find out where they got them... :) 3.29.10, 11:48PM
JS: Great pics and love the sisterly love 3.29.10, 2:22PM