Jay: I have to agree with Megan , even while recovering you look amazing... love the smile on day six ... Jay & kiran 2.16.10, 11:47PM
J: You are a trooper Shawna 2.10.10, 9:53PM
Executive Ass.: Shawna - I LOVE your surgery day picture. As adorable as someone can look with gauze wrapped around their face and head, you totally pull it off! 2.10.10, 12:07PM
jm: You look great! Always gorgeous. Heal quickly, love. Hugs! 2.10.10, 9:53AM
Stephanie: You look awesome! 2.10.10, 6:11AM
Shawna: Oh, Megan, you are too sweet :) If only I felt beautiful in those photos. As I'm sure you know, posting photos of yourself on your blog is hard! Thank you for the kind comment! 2.10.10, 12:12AM
megan wold: how is it that even on your bad hair days, and recovering from jaw surgery, you still manage to be astonishingly beautiful. SO happy that your feeling better! 2.9.10, 11:13PM