cara: thanks you so much for taking my pictures!! i had a blast hanging out with you and kory while taking them!! you do an amazing job!! Thanks once agian!!! 10.1.07, 2:22PM
Ashley: Shawna, I am LOVING the new blog! Your pictures look even MORE beautiful when they are big! :) 9.5.07, 10:53PM
Mary Jo: Better & better....a big step! I'm looking forward to looking and looking! Mary Jo 9.3.07, 11:44AM
Janna: the pictures are so pretty! 9.1.07, 8:47AM
Shawna: Hooray! Thanks Mom and Michelle! 8.31.07, 8:19AM
karen (Mom): This blog really does show the photos soooo much better. I always knew you were talented and took great photos but now you can really tell 8.31.07, 7:50AM
Michelle: Looks very nice Shawna!! 8.31.07, 12:32AM
Shawna: Lookin' good Brock! 8.30.07, 10:05PM