Helen: Hooray Shawna! What a thrill to grow and business into something you can ENJOY and EARN A LIVING with! Call us whenever you are 'heading West'! 4.22.08, 11:24PM
Shawna : Thank you for the kind words everyone! It is SO wonderful to have so much support from my friends and family :) 4.22.08, 10:23PM
Mike Hess: Congrats on getting to leave the daily grind for what you love. Hope everything works out the best for you. Keep up the good work. 4.22.08, 7:42PM
Missy Dale: You must really feel great. Let this be the beginning of an amazing dream come true! 4.19.08, 11:36PM
SaraBeth: Congrats on getting to leave the newspaper job! That's really very exciting for you! 4.19.08, 10:24PM
Steve: Nice job Shawna! Keep kickin' butt. 4.19.08, 8:41PM
Lori: Congratulations...I love your photography. Can't wait to see even MORE of your work! :-) 4.19.08, 7:20PM
Brandy: Gorgeous images, and congratulations! 4.18.08, 9:28PM
Michelle: Congrats on making that big decision! Im sure it will open a lot of doors for you.. 4.18.08, 6:06PM
Ashley: Congrats, Shawna! That's fantastic! 4.18.08, 5:43PM
MArisa: Congratulations Shawna!!! 4.18.08, 2:15PM
emily griffith: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you! All the best to you and Kory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4.18.08, 1:34PM