Shawna: Kory : I believe you said that at 32 below, it's even a little too cold for you! Blair : We'd love a 63 degree day! In the spring here, people wear shorts when it hits 40 degrees! 2.21.08, 11:57AM
Blair Helms: Oh my goodness!!! (Cali blog reader here!) . That is nuts! Its frezzzzzing here at 63 degrees – I know , I know…..but its all I’ve ever known! How the heck are you even out side, go back inside!!! ;) Very fun little project though!! 2.21.08, 11:19AM
Kory: I love winter. Where else in the world can you do cool science experiments like that! Winter rocks! 2.20.08, 9:18PM
Shawna: Ha! Who is that chick? She's like the female version of Bill Nye the Science Guy. :) 2.20.08, 5:17PM
jodi: who is that hot chic throwing the water? she makes the cold temps seem tropical! 2.20.08, 1:23PM
caitlin: holy crap! stay warm! 2.20.08, 12:01PM
Britta: Think spring... that's all I can do to deal with this weather. That, and hope my car starts. Brrr... 2.20.08, 10:59AM