Bindes: Wonderful photographers to work with-very patient and tolerant. Love the artistic expression of the pictures! 12.7.07, 7:20PM
Shawna: Kory and I shared it. And it was delicious. Yum! 12.6.07, 1:19PM
SaraBeth: I hope you ate that petit four after you smushed it, Shawna. :) 12.6.07, 11:39AM
Shawna: Thanks Kristi! We had lots of fun working with SaraBeth and Eric :) 12.6.07, 10:04AM
Kristi K: What an awesome idea. I was unable to make it to the wedding and really enjoyed looking at the photo's. They are absolutely gorgeous. Nice job Shawna!!! 12.5.07, 9:48PM