Lynn: OMG, my gorgeous niece!!!! What wonderful photos...Shawna, you have so captured her personality with them!!! I love the BW rain photos...but they are all fabulous!!! 8.24.08, 9:28PM
Cathy: Great pics K! I, too, love the rain ones, as well as some of the smiley shots. I can't wait to see the rest of them! 8.24.08, 3:42PM
Ashley: Shawna, I LOVE the rain photos! Those are so great!!!! I wish my senior photos would have been this cool! And PS--You still have that umbrella? ;) 8.22.08, 5:26PM
Cindy: These are sweet! Kieries a good friend of mine. I really like the one of her with the umbrella. Good work!<3 8.22.08, 4:07PM